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CABERNET SAUVIGNON  |  Our Cabernet Sauvignon originates on the vines of Isle St. George near the Canadian border on Lake Erie. A classic red wine, oak-aged 24 months with a full-bodied taste. Smooth mouthfeel and perfectly paired with a steak or pasta. | 13% alcohol by volume

PINOT NOIR  |  The Pinot Noir is medium-bodied with a mellow, slightly tannic mouthfeel that finishes with light spices and smoke. The Pinot grapes originate in California and are processed on the North Coast. Try this lovely Pinot with a seared tuna or similar fish. | 13% alcohol by volume

PINOT GRIGIO  |  Bright and citrusy, the Pinot Grigio is nicely fruity with hints of green apple and delicate herbal flavors. Our Pinot Grigio comes to us from Isle St George, kept a bit longer on the vine by the warmer winds coming off Lake Erie.  |  12.5% alcohol by volume

RIESLING  |  This lively Riesling has modest sweetness with pure fruit flavors of banana and apple. The Riesling is best when chilled and served on the patio. Expect a long finish.  | 12% alcohol by volume

CONCORD  |  A deep, sweet Lake Erie red that is a popular choice for our summer visitors. This Concord will remind you of sitting by the fire, enjoying the company of friends and family on a weekend evening.  | 12% alcohol by volume

PINK CATAWBA  |  This is our most popular wine. From Isle St. George, this sweet Catawba is best served with a picnic, a slice of pie or a scoop of ice cream. The sweet, zesty finish will leave you wanting more.  |  12% alcohol by volume

WHITE ZINFANDEL  |  This classic Zin is evenly balanced for a white. Fruity mouthfeel and hints of summer fruits, melon and berries. The Zin should be paired with salads or grilled fish.  |  11 % alcohol by volume